Treating Unforeseen Pain and Managing Under-Discussed Problems of After-Delivery Self-Care

In the weeks after delivery, problems seem to be entirely reinvented. What seemed problematic in the past was a minor tick. Everything is changed. Stress has a new form. Though there are many post-delivery aspects of being a mommy discussed, others are not. Despite embarrassment and personal turmoil, the blog at wants to talk about these under-discussed issues of being a new mommy.

What does that mean? What should be expected? When it comes to unpredicted pain, constipation, and other concerns below the belt, there may be a lot. Below is a quick look at the sores, pains, and frustrations of self-care after delivery.


Hemorrhoids are common. Fortunately, they are also manageable. It is recommended to eat lots of fiber, salad, and to drink a lot of water. For many, these ailments are temporary.

Cotton balls can be useful for thorough cleaning. And consider witch hazel. Tea tree oil can help, but it should not be applied directly to the area. Its strength is too much. It can be helpful for skin rashes or any open sores. There are medicinal options for hemorrhoids. Do not hesitate to request a medication to treat them. The pain is something no one should have to unwittingly deal with. The medication is usually cheap and temporary.

Bleeding and Mesh

Mesh panties can be useful for a few reasons. They can be purchased in bulk for very cheap. They also allow the skin to breathe a little, relieving them of agitation related to confinement. They can be easily tossed and replaced, and they absorb quite well. Mesh panties are also quite comfortable against the skin.

Ice packs can actually help relieve the pain and help with bleeding. Consider applying an ice pack between the legs in a small plastic bag.

Speak with the doctor. Get a fair and objective look at what can be expected and what is likely given ailments and the conditions of the delivery. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, however personal, about these significant matters. Sure, the baby needs to be taken care of. But, he or she is not the only one.